ToAdz ToyBoX - A dream that came true!

All my years of collecting cool stuff I finally have a way to give it all back. What better way then a website filled with all kinds of freshness!? So as the story goes, I wound up talking to my brother Raymond Polidori about my dream of having a website and he was like “bro I make those” 😂

So, we set out to build my website and on Oct. 1st 2017 - it went live. That was version 1.0.

And here we are now! Still providing products from all over the country that are too cool not to share.

What you see now, is ToAdz ToyBoX 2.0 launched December 1st 2018!

One year later, we've revamped the site entirely for a smoother experience for you guys and gals!

I'm so happy to finally make this possible! I appreciate every one of you that've helped make it all possible.

People like yourselves are what gives me my drive! Let me know what y’all like, want to see more of, any ideas for new pins or new products.

Feel free to contact me anytime with your positive vibes! With that all said….WELCOME TO TOADZ TOYBOX 🐸


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